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Being a designer can be hard. 

The subjective nature of design means that everyone is a critic. This can be a great benefit, as feedback from others is a powerful way of improving your design work and methods. The downside is that there are times where you can feel a bit bogged down in opinion. 

It’s become increasingly clear that some organisations lack the maturity to truly integrate and embed user centred design.

Designers can find themselves left out of key conversations – leading to development ploughing forward with solutions driven by business led assumptions before falling short of user expectation.

When a designer is within this environment, it is extremely important to be alert to conversations that are happening around them. We can’t afford to hold off on getting involved in conversations, even if it means we sometimes have to crowbar our way in.

If we lack assertion then I have found that what has been developed comes back to design after the feature has failed. This is not a good situation for anyone. The earlier we influence events, the less we’ll be in this horrible position.